Classic Features

Your Diet Plan

Diet Plan

We've designed a diet planning system that is both fast and easy to use. Simply answer some questions and within a few minutes you'll be setup and ready for action!

Meal Planning

Meal Plan

Our "click and pick" meal planner makes it easy to plan healthy meals. Focus on the nutrition that matters most, whether you're counting calories or doing a low-carb plan.

Realistic Planning


Some days you want to make a health recipe, other days you just want to throw something into the microwave! Our meal planner makes it easy to create a realistic plan.

Diet Tracking


Track your weight, meals, exercise, water intake and more! Whether you like simplified tracking or you like to get into every detail, we make diet tracking easy.

Exercise Tracking


Track your exercise and steps on a single screen. Track your exercise progress with 6 activity charts. Enter our unique exercise challenges and more!

Progress Charts


Watch charts and graphs spring to life as you begin tracking your diet. These charts give you feedback and motivation as you progress towards your weight loss goals.

Breakdown Charts


Analyze your eating and exercise activities to spot trends, trouble-areas and strengths. It's amazing how seeing your performance in charts can drive the information home.



Join a community of dieters who share the same challenges and goals as you. Discuss dieting on our message boards, join a group, watch community leaderboards and more.



We offer some fun challenges that are a little bit different! Plant a weight loss garden, walk across the USA and more. A fun, graphical way to track and stay motivated.

Jump-Start! Plan

Action Plan

Create a customized action plan, specifically focused on the starting phase of your diet. In this phase, you set more focused starting goals and track them in a unique way.

Momentum Builder

Momentum Builder

Complete 21 small & easy tasks, 3 per day for 7 days. After a week, these small steps will add up to one big step towards your goals and put a little momentum behind you!

Friends with the Scale

Friends with the Scale

Let this program be your guide to building a friendship that will change your morning weigh-in ritual into one of the most positive moments of your day.