Top 10 reasons you should join

Jumping for Joy1. It Works!

People that use our program lose weight! Well, just because you join doesn't mean the pounds will start coming off, you still need to eat better and exercise more, but our set of tools have made the difference for many dieters. The ability to plan your attack, track your progress and seek the support of other dieters can be the difference between "on the right track" and "I'll start tomorrow.... again!"

2. So Easy to Use.

Tracking each day is as easy as finding the date on a calendar. Want to set a goal? Just pick a date and we'll help you choose a realistic goal weight to aim for. Use our 120,000 item food database to track your meals and use a favorites list to keep track of the items you eat most. We even have a checklist of your daily activities that automatically checks off items as they're completed.

3. Find a Diet Buddy. is a community of dieters fighting the same daily battles you are. Our Buddy Finder tool makes it easy for you to find a diet buddy that you can relate to. Find someone to share dieting tips, offer moral support and keep each other motivated.

Diet Blog4. Create a Diet Blog.

Now the fun begins! Keep an online diet journal of your diet and have some fun with it. Add pictures, include information about your meals, post your weight or simply blurt out your feelings along with your mood. Add your blog to the community directory (optional), share your blog on the web (even with those who are not members) or password protect your blog for privacy. All the features of a full-fledged blogging program ($60 per year on some sites) are included with your $30 membership.

Salad5. Eat Real Foods.

We believe that long-term weight loss begins when you start making better choices. Our program is all about defining a daily limit, 2000 calories for example, and adjusting your intake to fit that plan. Yes, you can have a large breakfast, but now you only have 1000 calories left for lunch & dinner. Or vice-versa: "Pizza tonight? Better save my calories!" When you start making better choices with real foods, it puts you in a better position than coming off a fad diet and returning to the same foods that got you in trouble in the first place!

Buddies6. Share Your Experience.

Our planning and tracking software is only half of the program, we also provide you with the ability to share your diet with the community. Use the message board to share ideas, success stories and thoughts. Use the Tip Share program to read, rate and post health tips. Use the Diet Blogger to create a webpage that tells the story of your diet. Use the Buddy Finder to seek out that new friend that will help motivate you.

Diet Planner7. "100 Days of Weight Loss" - Daily Lessons.

Included with your deluxe membership is the complete "100 Days of Weight Loss" program. Over the course of 100 days, we'll cover topics like: the emotional aspects behind overeating, the bad habits that contribute to poor health decisions and how you can gain the right mental approach to achieving and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Each lesson finishes with activities to complete and check off. Developed by Linda Spangle (RN, MA), these lessons will help compete your transformation into a healthy lifestyle!

Diet Calendar8. Comprehensive Diet Tracking.

Track your weight (daily, weekly or as often as you want). Track your water intake. Track each meal. Track your snacking. Track your exercise. Phew! After you're done tracking, check out the charts & graphs, get the "heads up" as to what is working and what you need to work on. Break down your calorie intake and target those "trouble spots." And keep an eye on your weight goals as you move towards them (what a good feeling that is!).

Fun!9. It's fun!

What's so fun about starting a diet? Isn't it all about hunger, strenuous exercise and depriving myself of the foods I love? Not in this program! Again, you still eat normal foods, just maybe not as much as before :-) What we try to do is replace the joy of eating with the joy of seeing the scale showing a loss. What a great feeling it will be when you're healthy and at your goal weight. Much better than the feeling you get from junk food, right?

10. A Great Value. is one of the best values on the web. Similar diet sites can cost up to 5 times as much and they don't even offer as many features. Your $30 membership gives you full access to every feature we offer: The diet planning & tracking program, the 120,000+ item food database, the diet blogger and much more. And we're adding new features all of the time. It's a great time to Start Your Diet!